We Buy Gold Coins

Goldman Diamond Exchange, is a premier Gold Coins and jewelry buyer in Long Beach California, offering you top dollar and immediate payment when you wish to sell your gold coins and bullion. When you work with us to sell gold coins, you can expect a completely fair, studied appraisal, and a no rush, no pressure buying environment.Top Payouts guaranteed. We strive to make this experience as safe, confidential, informative and profitable for you as possible.

Appraising and selling gold and silver can be an easy, relaxed and simple process, and we work hard to make it just that. All of our prices are based on actual market value, and never on the customer's apparent knowledge of the their item or gold selling in general.

We buy  Gold, Silver, Platinum Coins.






We Buy Gold Coins

Goldman Diamond Exchange we offer top dollar and immediate cash payment when you wish to sell your gold coins.

We Buy:

  • American Buffalo .9999 One Ounce
  • U.S. Gold Double Eagles (.9675 Ounce)
  • American Eagle Half
  • American Eagle Quarter
  • American Eagle Tenth
  • American Arts – Armstong Ounce
  • merican Arts – Frost Ounce
  • American Gold Eagle
  • Austrian Philharmonic
  • British Britannia
  • Canadian Maple Leaf
  • Chinese Panda
  • Gold Dinar
  • Malaysian Kijang Emas
  • Krugerrands

U.S. Gold Coinage

(PCGS and NGC Certified U.S. coins minted from 1792 to 1964)

$20 Double Eagles

  • Liberty Double Eagle (1849-1907)
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle (1907-1933)

$10 Eagles

  • Capped Bust Small Eagle (1795-1797)
  • Capped Bust Large Eagle (1797-1804)
  • Liberty Head Eagle (1838-1907)
  • Indian Head Eagle (1907-1933)

$5 Half Eagles

  • Capped Bust to Right Small Eagle Half Eagle (1795-1798)
  • Capped Bust to Right Large Eagle Half Eagle (1795-1807)
  • Capped Bust to Left Half Eagle (1807-1812)
  • Capped Head to Left Large Size Half Eagle (1813-1829)
  • Capped Head to Left Small Size Half Eagle (1829-1834)
  • Classic Head Half Eagle (1834-1838)
  • Liberty Half Eagle (1839-1908)
  • Indian Head Half Eagle (1908-1929)

$4 Gold Piece (Stella)

  • Flowing Hair (1879)
  • Coiled Hair (1879)
  • Flowing Hair (1880)
  • Coiled Hair (1880)

$3 Gold Pieces

  • Indian Princess (1854-1889)

$2.50 Quarter Eagles

  • Capped Bust to Right Quarter Eagle (1796-1807)
  • Capped Bust to Left Quarter Eagle (1808)
  • Capped Head to Left Quarter Eagle (1821-1834)
  • Classic Head Quarter Eagle (1834-1839)
  • Liberty Head Quarter Eagle (1840-1907)
  • Indian Head Quarter Eagle (1908-1929)

$1 Gold Pieces

  • $1 Liberty Head Type I (1849-1854)
  • $1 Indian Head Type II (1854-1856)
  • $1 Indian Head Type III (1856-1889)

U.S. Commemorative Gold Coinage (1903-1926)

Goldman Diamond Exchange is:

  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Free estimates
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Certified Jeweler
  • We Buy It All
  • Immediate Cash
If you have a Gold Coins or jewelry item not listed here that you believe we may be interested in, please call us during our regular business hours at 1-888-758-9040 to speak with our top appraisers.



  • Great service and very friendly staff! Went in knowing nothing and the man behind be window was very helpful. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.–Esther L.

  • Treated with respect and courtesy during the time I was there, was paid well for my jewelry. I would highly recommend Goldman's , to anyone.–M. Issari

  • First time I went in there and it was just like my friend said it was. friendly environment and great service.–Yudibel T.

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